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Importance of Adherence to The Sunnah


Those who best know the Sunnah’s importance are the Companions. They preferred adherence to the Sunnah to everything else. When Abu Bakr was appointed caliph, the Prophet’s daughter Fatima went to him and requested her share in the Prophet’s inheritance. Despite his loving the Prophet’s relatives more than his own, he reminded Fatima of something […]

The Meaning of Sunnah


The word Sunnah, denoting such things as the visible part of the face, appearance, path, character and nature, has acquired a particular meaning in the Islamic scholarly tradition and has been used to refer to the path pursued by the Prophet in his life and in his actions. The term encompasses the willful actions or […]

Meaning of “Hadith”


The Arabic word hadith denotes “news” or “tidings” and “a word,” with the plural form being ahadith. In ancient Arabic, the term was employed to express important news and words that are esteemed. The Arabs used to refer to the news of their famous and important days in pre-Islamic Arabia as ahadith and would describe […]