On July 15, 2016, factions of the Turkish military launched a failed coup. The courageous Turkish people took to the streets to stand up for democracy and against a military take-over. At least 265 brave civilians lost their lives that night and more than 1,400 were injured. May God rest their souls and give patience and succor to their families and may the injured be healed of their wounds.

While sharply contrasting narratives of who is behind the coup have emerged from the state-controlled Turkish press and many Western media outlets, no one disputes the tremendous crackdown on civilians and civic institutions. We deplore the violation of human rights, the lack of due process, the detention of citizens without evidence of a crime, lawless seizure of private property, and other crimes as documented by Amnesty International and others. We respect the right of the Turkish government to investigate the coup and prosecute the perpetrators; we pray that with time the truth will be revealed. At the same time, we hope that the Turkish people who braved the streets that night with their lives would be honored in their desire for a democratic Turkish Republic.

We ask all of you that are so inclined, to please pray for peace to descend upon Turkey and upon our world, for goodness to be raised high, and for evil to dissipate. May God give us all guidance as we seek to make our way in this troubled world. May He keep us from wrongdoing and guide us to what is right. And may He shower us with His mercy and forgiveness.

Our philosophy from the beginning has been that the world’s problems can no longer be solved through wars and armed conflict. Instead, we must come together with others and get to know each other and work with each other to solve the common problems of humanity.

The Ezher Bloom Mosque is focusing our efforts this upcoming year on service to our local community. In that respect, we ask our interfaith partners to reach out to us so that we may work together in serving our community. turkish-flag