Announcing our Sunday School

First Class will be on January 21, 2018.
The semester will run for fourteen weeks, each Sunday from 10:30 to 2:30.

Principal: Imam Sami Kocak
Sami Kocak is a graduate of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. He has taught Arabic for over twenty years. He is well-experienced in developing programs for youth in the United States. He worked with Muslim communities in Michigan and New Jersey. He will teach Quran classes for the Sunday School.

The Sunday school has well-qualified teachers including Sister Loubna, a Quran teacher from Morocco and Sister Esma Kocak. To inspire our students the Islamic Studies and Character Education curriculum will focus on the lives of the sahabah and their positive character traits. The Sunday school will also feature Maker’s Club activities headed by Dr. Tugba Kucukkal, a chemist who owns a makers studio (I RES) in Falls Church. High school volunteers will assist the instructors.

Course instruction will be in English. Our aim is to encourage students to develop strong Islamic characters and to be learn how to be Muslims in America. We want to equip them to answer basic questions about Islam from their American friends. We want to help them embrace being both American and Muslim. For Quranic studies, we will work with the students to learn proper recitation and to memorize one short surah a week.

Course Schedule
Students should arrive no later than 10:25 so that we can start classes on time. All students should bring a notebook, pencils, and a water bottle. Thank you!

10:30 Quran Class (reading or memorization)
11:20 Quran Class (reading or memorization)
12:10 Islamic Studies and Character Education
1:00 Dhuhr Prayer and Pizza Break
1:40 Makers Club
2:30 Dismissal

Please register as soon as possible.You can find the registration form here: Sunday School Registration Form

*Kindergarten class: Maximum 10 Students
*1st Grade to 5th Grade: Maximum 30 Students Total